A Companion for Your Journey

Your Personal Journal for the Soul of Caregiving - A 96-page spiral bound workbook.

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You may find yourself mystified, even bewildered, over the task of putting pen to paper to record the insights that you glean through your reading. It may be the first time that you take on such an important endeavor, but no need to be alarmed. No tests, no checking on grammar or spelling, and no one to judge what you have written. The danger is that you can be your own worst critic. Take a breath and allow yourself to listen to your soul. Simply write and the words will come to you. The journal is not about giving answers, but rather a space for each reader to listen to, become aware of, and claim their own voice through the power of reflection.

Who will guide you as you enter into the pages of the Companion? You will find a conversation emerging with yourself. Be still and listen to those movements of your soul as this will be an opportunity to catch, something like a dream catcher, those insights that lead to further insight, reflection, healing and transformation. In addition to the questions at the end of each chapter, your own questions will emerge and seek answers. Jot them down as they occur.

This is not a how-to-do-it book, because the guide to caregiving is not about an exterior action. The caregiver’s guide is interior, it is about rediscovering one’s Soul. It is not a quick fix, but a journey, a pilgrimage. Soul takes one deeper, through the resistances, through one’s interior Soul pain and sufferings, to a reservoir of wisdom.

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