Just as the Pomegranate Reveals It's Inner Secrets in Due Season, so Too, Does Soul Refresh with Insight and Wisdom.

Do you remember eating your first pomegranate? There is a bitter crusty skin that has to be carefully navigated to open up to the sweet and juicy seeds hidden within.

Caregivers, too, build crusty walls around them. And yet, like the pomegranate, deep within the caregiver are those interior strengths that support and give life. The danger is that what gives life, one's values and strengths, remain hidden and are suffocated by the very walls that are built to protect.

My love of the pomegranate comes from my spiritual roots with the Hospitaller Brothers of St. John of God whose logo is the pomegranate. While there are many accounts and definitions of the pomegranate in ancient myths and art forms, in Judeo-Christian mythology, the pomegranate is a symbol of hospitality. As the pomegranate opens itself and offers its seeds of eternal wisdom and hope for the future, the process of coaching is to facilitate the client to rediscover and reclaim his or her inner strengths and values that lead to personal and professional growth.

Don't let fear of who you really are and can become get in the way of your personal and professional growth. Discover how a Certified Life Coach for Caregivers can support you.