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Course Modules

Introduction Welcome To "Who Hugs the Hugger" 10-part on line course

  1. Class I: The Dance of Caregiving? Who are the Caregivers? Self-care versus the Care of Others.
  2. Reclaiming Soul: Going Deeper Within - The Source of Inspiration
  3. Once upon a time in the Land of OZ: The Universal Archetypal Understanding of Caregiving
  4. Truce or Consequences - Faithless Science or Unscientific Faith - The Mythos and Logos of Caregiving
  5. The In's and Outs of Hospitality - The Heart of Caregiving
  6. Love is a Wounded Healer - Sacred work with Human Boundaries
  7. Tending the Soul's Garden - Reclaiming the Art of Refection.
  8. Spirituality, the Sinew of Our Human Experience- The Spirituality of Caregiving.
  9. Practice, Practice, Practice. Caregiving is a Spiritual Practice.
  10. Warning: Our Tank is Almost Empty: Moving from Compassion Fatigue to Skills of Self-care and Compassion Resilience.